What can I do for you?

I have an interdisciplinary approach towards artistic creation. Thus, I combine different techniques and fields. For example, your film can include 3D or 2D animations. Another example: your architectural visualisation can include photographs, which will give it impressive compositing. Finally, your visual identification can incorporate a company film, a report, or a product demo (3D animation with a film). Now, if you are an estate agent, you might be interested in drone photographs and videos. They can be enhanced with a visualisation of property borders. Even though a significant portion of my work relates to the DTP, graphic design, and print, I am currently focusing on producing films, videos, 3D visualisations, and social-media advertisements.

Choose from my offer:

Three simple steps

I will be happy to get to know what you are looking for and what you expect. Perhaps you have got an idea, but you are not sure how to carry it out? We will think about it together. I work off the template, so we can combine different fields in a creative way. If you are a property developer, we can think of combing drone videos and photographs with a building visualisation. We can also include an interior visualisation. Or perhaps you need a logo and a complete set of promotional products. Whatever you are looking for, I am at your disposal.

1. Find a topic

Choose an area of your interest that corresponds to what you need.

2. Have a look at my offer

See what I can do for you in the chosen topic. The choice is wide.

3. Give me a call or write a message

Get in touch with me. We will speak about details and I will estimate the cost.

Filming and video editing

Life event films, social event films, charming shots, animations, editing.

Examples of what I create:


Creative, Photo, Design

Identyfikacja wizualna, druki, zdjęcia


Photography, Digital

Fotografia studyjna/reklamowa


Photography, Digital

Projekt strony WWW. Wersja dektop i rozwiązanie mobilne


Photography, Digital

Koncepcja i przygotowanie do druku

#druk 3d

Creative, Photo, Design, Digital

Opracowanie koncepcji, projekt i wydruk 3d.


Creative, Photo, Design, Digital

Plakat wydarzenia biegowego

#3d design

Creative, Photo, Design, Digital

Projekt, prototyp (druk 3d), opracowanie wizualne.


Creative, Photo, Design, Digital

Koncepcja, projekt, wizualizacje (montaże). Przygotowanie do druku.


Creative, Photo, Design, Digital

Projekty i przygotowanie do druku.

#3d rendering

Creative, Photo, Design, Digital

Opracowanie koncepcji, projekt i renderingi.


Creative, Photo, Design, Digital

Koncepcja, rysunki, animacja 2d.

#3d rendering

Creative, Photo, Design, Digital

Opracowanie koncepcji, projekt i renderingi.

Everything starts from an idea

What also matters is that we use professional tools which meet legal standards, that we stay in contact, and that we communicate with each other. Speaking together on your project will lead to our success. That is why it is essential for me that I carefully listen to what you want to say. Each customer’s voice matters.
ideas per minute
coffee cups
km per year
working hours

How do I estimate the cost?

My creations have a broad interdisciplinary scope. Each creation has to be thought through. However, thinking at the desk is not very productive. What gives me the best ideas is a run in my local forest. Normally, once we have spoken about basics, I will be able to give you a precise estimate of the cost.

Please be sure – I do not charge for estimating the cost. Thus, feel free to write to me or to give me a call. I will be happy to answer your questions, to clear up any doubts, and to suggest the best solutions.

How’s about a logo?

starting from?

Exactly. People will ask: Why so expensive? Why so cheap? Instead of answering these questions I suggest the following steps in working on your project:

Let’s meet and analyse some basics
Let’s talk about the general concept and the message
Let’s discuss preliminary ideas and various options
Let me consult with you on the project and choose our work direction
Let me prepare the chosen pattern and its variants
Let you accept the chosen variant and let’s agree on a logbook
Let me prepare the logo (the Internet, print, forms)

Get in touch with me

I will be happy to answer your questions and to clear up any doubts. Unless I have a meeting or work outdoors, I will reply immediately.
Give me a call: +48 600 446 042 (also WhatsApp)

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