You can expect from me that I will be attentive to detail, think all shoots through, and arrange lighting and background in such a way that your product will be showcased at its best.

Photography and image processing

Product photography may appear to be a simple and trivial task. However, if you take it seriously, you realise that you can carry this task in an array of creative ways. Think of an exclusive product. If you want to photograph it well, you have to go beyond mechanical solutions. Good technique and precise object rendering are simply not enough to meet your expectations. That is why photographs which I will take for you will captivate the atmosphere and impression that your product creates. For sure, you do not want to sell just an object. You want to offer your customers a lifestyle, sound, smell, colour, impression…
You want to sell emotions. That is why it is crucial for your product to give its photographs a unique character. Thus, I will uncover your product’s essence, and will make it shine as a photograph. Again, it will not be just a mechanical rendering of how your product looks. I may leave a spot or line blurred. I may cast a shade here and there. In this way the photograph will engage your customer’s imagination. The depth of field is not our goal – it is our means. Thus, my photographs of your product will have either a narrow or large depth of field – whatever you wish.


Initial assumptions matter. I will make sure that they are correct so that we can draw a good plan for the photo session.


I take photographs with a DSLR camera as well as a mirrorless camera. I use LED lights with high CRI.


I will keep control over the photo / video colour thanks to calibrated screens and color management knowledge.


I work with Adobe Creative Cloud. I prepare files that are suitable for printing or publishing online.


When I take photographs, I save them in the RAW format. Thus, I can work freely when I process images. This stage takes place in a digital darkroom. It is at this stage that we decide how your product’s photograph will look like. I used to spend long nights in a traditional darkroom. I remember the red light, the smell of chemicals, and those magic moments when an image was emerging from under the glass of an enlarger. Technology has progressed well, but principles of image processing are very much the same
I take photographs with a DSLR camera as well as a mirrorless camera. I use presets that I make on my own in Adobe Lightroom. I always work on the most recent versions of Adobe software.

Professional equipment

Fast lenses, DSLR cameras, mirrorless cameras, tripods, lights, reflectors… I work in the Canon system. My equipment allows for making photo arrangements at your wish, and photographing freely in any circumstances. I can work with your product in my office or at any place that you choose. An open-air photo session is a great option that you may wish to consider. The key to the success of product photography lies in a photographer who is open-minded and creative. How’s about making a video of your product?

Get in touch with me

I will be happy to answer your questions and to clear up any doubts. Unless I have a meeting or work outdoors, I will reply immediately.
Give me a call: +48 600 446 042 (also WhatsApp)

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