Real estate photography and filming

Perfectly arranged photos, a film showing the details and nature of the property – I can do it all for you. Let’s talk about cooperation.

Real estate filming

This is a great way to sell a flat, house, large property or rental service. We will show the interior, atmosphere and character of the facility. We'll take shots outside, wide plans. Whether it's a cabin in the wild, a luxury hotel with a swimming pool, an apartment for rent or for sale. The video allows you to show the advantages of both the object itself and its location.


Advertising films, editing with narration, music and details. Shots from the drone and camera.


High-quality shots of arranged interiors and a drone photo of entire objects and areas.

Real estate agencies

I am happy to work with real estate agencies - filming and photography of the offer.

large investments

I will take photos and film large investments. Hotels, offices, also amusement parks.

Real estate photography

I take photos of objects from the outside using both the drone and the camera. We can show the advantages of an attractive location, facility equipment (swimming pools, recreational areas, the shape of the building). For this a set of high-quality interior photos. We will arrange them in such a way as to emphasize the character of the facility as much as possible (be it a conference facility, wedding venue, luxury hotel or private, exclusive apartment).

UAVO - drone operator

The operation of commercial flights is subject to a number of regulations. I always have safety in mind - both for the environment and the operator.

I always check local conditions (no fly zones) and the weather before departure. The drone operator makes the final decision.


I shoots in RAW. This allows a great deal of freedom in post-production. In the digital darkroom, we decide about the final shape of photography. I remember the nights I spent with red light in the darkroom. The smell of 'sauces' and the magic moments when an image appeared under the magnifier glass. The technique went ahead - the rules remained the same.
I take photos with an SLR and mirrorless camera. I create and use my own preset sets in both Lightroom and Photoshop. I always work on the latest software from the Adobe stable.

Professional equipment

Fast lenses, DSLRs, mirrorless cameras, tripods, lights, reflectors ... I work in the Canon system. My set of equipment allows you to arrange the scene and shoot without restrictions. I can work on site with the delivered product or directly with you or outdoors. An open head and ideas are essential.

Get in touch with me

I will be happy to answer your questions and to clear up any doubts. Unless I have a meeting or work outdoors, I will reply immediately.
Give me a call: +48 600 446 042 (also WhatsApp)

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