My story

Evolving. I started with some simple work just as a hobby and something for myself. I still remember my first attempts at drawing by means of a computer – a PC with an amber monochrome monitor. Next came Commodore and Amiga. At that time that was something! Imagine that a mobile phone today has more memory and computing power than a computer in my teens. Nonetheless, it is thanks to this experience that I know that all these are just tools. For sure, I use them with ease. Thus, I can focus on the creation itself, on the idea behind it, and on carrying out the project professionally. I owe this easiness to years of learning – also from mistakes! – and mastering my communication skills related to working with my Customers as well as producers (like printing houses or subcontractors). For sure, I continue my learning process, carefully looking at recent developments. The world keeps moving! Thus, I work more and more in 3D modelling areas as well as in the field of video. I am a certified mountaineer. I climb both in summer and in winter. I adore Norway and its waterfalls, even if I keep returning to the Tatra Mountains in the south of Poland. I used to work as a steeplejack (abseiling / rappelling). Hence, I know how to film while hanging on a rope!

I moved from my hometown and Polish capital, Warsaw, to Kielce, a town towards the south of Poland. Following my Customer’s request, I registered as a self-employed with my own company. In this way I worked in a computer graphics studio of a major Polish media company, Kolporter Holding. It meant a lot of projects and learning, as well mastering editing. At that time Page Maker was still in use, and Adobe and Indesign only started to appear. .
I came back to Warsaw where I got a job in a marketing agency, Active Design. In this work I was tasked mostly with websites projects. Occasionally I also worked in printing and DTP.
Time for change! I moved to another part of the city. I also changed my job, starting collaboration with another marketing agency, Pigment Production. I was tasked with photographs editing, fashion shows retouching, as well as with producing visual materials for promotional campaigns. In the meantime, I collaborated with a travel magazine, ‘Podróże’.
I started working as an independent company. It was not easy at the beginning, but gradually things went well. You know the feeling when you run your own business – self-fulfilment! For sure, I did not forget how much I learnt from my Colleagues at companies in which I used to work. Moreover, I started collaborating with a motorbike monthly, ‘Motovoyager’.
A good year with regular customers (EDC Poland - General Electric, Garmed, Marcin Dekor), recurring tasks, interesting projects – up to a position of the art-director at the ‘Motovoyager’ magazine. I was editing its issues from scratch, being responsible for mock-ups and master pages, and editing as well as printing.
A busy time, a good time!
More and more interesting ideas. More 3D and more animation, even if printing remains in use. On the horizon, new challenges, plans, and projects… Cooperation with ZPR Media / Time S.A. I'm building second workstation for 3d modeling and animation, video editing)
I keep myself busy with DSLR filming courses and with getting more and more professional equipment. I have Gimbal in my hands as well as DJI Osmo Pocket and the most recent DJI drone, Mavic Air 2. Never to late for relevant coursebooks! A high-speed workstation makes editing viable. Our first projects are getting done – and the number of new ideas is rocketing. In the meantime, my partner and I launched a travel blog ( – so far in Polish, but who knows in the near future…). More and more filming. Canon C100 mk 2 joined my equipment.
There is so much that can be done!

What do I actually do?

Filmmaking and editing

I make video recordings of events and celebrations. I produce independent films as well as moderate size filmography: shorts, documentaries, music videos.

DTP and printing

Promotional materials, small prints, leaflets, catalogues, as well as large format advertisements (like billboards or car wrapping). I collaborate with printing houses.

2D and 3D animation

Multimedia presentations and promotional films. I use traditional techniques as well as rendering and 3D visualisations. I produce 2D and 3D films.

Visual identification

Branding, key visuals and product image. My offer is directed to companies, bloggers, and anyone who wants to create a brand.

Visualizations and 3D printing

Object modeling, photorealistic and technical renders, exploded views, prototype visualisations, and animations, as well as 3D printing (prototyping).

Honest cost estimating

I respect your time and mine as well. I am glad to collaborate on a long-term basis, which allows for reducing your costs.

There is so much ahead of us

I have plenty of plans. New ideas keep popping up. Right now, I am also a certified drone operator (VLOS certificate – up to 5 kg). It means that I can perform commercial drone flights – with relevant liability insurance. What next? I am developing my brand towards film and video. I am starting with shorts, short documentaries, and journalistic stories. I have a few ideas in my mind, which I will carry out as soon as Covid restrictions are lifted and I am free to travel abroad.

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