e-books - Design and publishing

I design and compose e-books. Knowledge and experience in designing classic publications helps me create aesthetic and functional e-books. Guides, books, instructions… Tell me – what do you want to publish?

Electronic publishing | e-books

As the artistic director of the Motovoyager monthly, I was also involved in designing mockups of the magazine and developing its entire graphic concept. I have both the knowledge, experience and tools to create and publish an e-book from scratch. We will develop layouts/masters, graphics, and select typography. I approach each e-book individually and creatively.

Design and publishing of PDF, EPUB, MOBI

Your own e-book is a great idea for presenting your own content to your readers. This type of publishing is easy to deliver, requires no shipping, and we can update content without incurring huge printing costs. Designing and composition of e-books is governed by certain rules. You have to take care of readability on various devices, and a clear and good layout of the content. I'll do it all for you. We will create a preliminary mock-up, develop graphics and infographics. We will design an eye-catching cover. We will edit the content and go through several rounds of revisions. I will help you throughout this process to achieve your goal - publishing your e-book.


Tell me about your idea - we will develop a concept and choose the right form.


I will design mock-ups and prepare previews to open up a discussion area.


I will do typesetting, we will edit and proofread the text. We will refine the form.


I will publish your e-book. I will optimize the whole thing and prepare the final files.

e-books - a strong trend of the modern world

Ease of publishing, quick content delivery - these are the features of modern electronic publishing. Everyone has your e-book with them - on the mobile and tablet.

Professional preparation

How to design publications, make typesetting, combine image and content is the knowledge and experience gained over the years. Send me a text sample and I will show you what your e-book will look like.

Do you have any questions?

How to publish your own e-book?

Do you have an idea, you have a text, but you don't know what to do next? write or call me. Together, we will go through the process of creating and publishing your e-book. You have the most important element - it's your content that you want to convey to your readers. We will consider what type of e-book will be appropriate and what elements will be necessary. I will create mock-ups for you, I will choose typography and graphics. I will optimize the content, photos and graphics and prepare an elegant edition of your own e-book.

Professional equipment

I work on efficient workstations that allow for efficient and effective work. I use legal software and legal font libraries. I take care of the quality as well as legal and legal aspects of my projects. I consider it important to respect intellectual property rights.

Get in touch with me

I will be happy to answer your questions and to clear up any doubts. Unless I have a meeting or work outdoors, I will reply immediately.
Give me a call: +48 600 446 042 (also WhatsApp)

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