Graphic design, DTP

Publishing, advertising prints, outdoor advertising – buses, billboards, cars. I work with good printing houses, although of course you can choose yours. I will design the whole and prepare files for printing.

Leaflets, brochures and catalogs

Leaflet? Folder with refinement, embossing and selective varnish? Or maybe a magazine, offer newsletter or other advertising print? Thanks to the experience gained over the years, I offer high quality and attention to detail as well as ideas and solutions that will be feasible from the production point of view. Working, among others, as the artistic director of the Motovoyager magazine, I also dealt with the design of the magazine's mock-ups and the development of its entire graphic concept. So go ahead - we can make magazines and newspapers together.

Creation and production

When designing for printing, we must remember that the idea should be technically feasible. We think immediately about the efficiency of the format, we choose the setting and type of finishing. By contacting the printing house, I agree on the technical details of preparing files for printing and the shipping method. I'm from a generation that understands the concept of halftone dot gain, and that once shone files for a movie. I like the moment when the car is unpacked with a fresh, fragrant print and the moment when I touch the finished product for the first time.
Taking care of the quality of demanding prints, I have a habit of going to the printing house for acceptance before starting production. This allows you to select the final printing parameters to obtain the previously planned effect. Modern machines provide excellent quality, but the most important thing is a good driver and ... cooperation.


Tell me about your idea - we will develop a concept and select formats.

initial creations

I will design mock-ups and prepare props to open up a discussion area.


I'll prepare the creation for a given printing technique according to the specification.

final files

I will export production files according to the requirements of the printing house.

Color management

is a key element in the creation-production process

I work on regularly calibrated hardware monitors (mainly NEC) and in an environment that ensures constant color management.

Professional preparation

Knowing how to use RGB / CMYK / Lab spaces for allows you to avoid production errors.


Business cards, flyers, cards

I design not only complex publications or catalogs, but also small prints that you may need. These are business cards, single- and double-sided DL flyers or leaflets with flaps. I will create a set of prints for you that will present a consistent graphic line of the company.

Offer for hotels and restaurants

It is also various types of menu cards, advertising brochures, leaflets, loyalty cards or posters for shop windows. Design, typesetting, breaking, proofreading - all this I can offer as an experienced graphic designer. Including preparation for printing (also large format / outdoor).

Professional equipment

I work on efficient workstations that allow for efficient and effective work. I use legal software and legal font libraries. I take care of the quality as well as legal and legal aspects of my projects. I consider it important to respect intellectual property rights.

Get in touch with me

I will be happy to answer your questions and to clear up any doubts. Unless I have a meeting or work outdoors, I will reply immediately.
Give me a call: +48 600 446 042 (also WhatsApp)

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