UAVO - Drone services

I am a registered operator and drone pilot with valid third party liability insurance.

I safely carry out photo and film assignments.

Filming and photography by drone

I make safe flights by photographing and filming areas, real estate and all objects as agreed. Such operations include: site inspections, flights over road investments, bridges, inspections of roofs and chimneys in hard-to-reach and costly places (rises, operators). I also take photos of real estate - buildings and areas for companies and real estate agencies.
Thanks to photos and films from the air, it is easier to plan gardens, afforestations, inspect areas and real estate, as well as investments. It is easier and cheaper to check the condition of a viaduct, bridge or building (chimneys, ventilation, roof or balconies). The drone is also an excellent tool for inspecting the condition of historic buildings.
Safety first of all - I perform all operations in compliance with applicable regulations and procedures.


See the effect of combining drone and handheld shots.


High-altitude shots - road investments, bridges, lands for sale, gardens and forests. Also weddings, events and real estate. They are also photographs of architecture for communes and cities.


Just like in photography. In addition, dynamic shots of traffic objects and real estate flights. Advertising films for cities and municipalities as well as private companies. Quality from FHD to 4K (at a 50 fps frame rate).


Inspections of roofs, chimneys, industrial components, community buildings. Wherever access is difficult and dangerous. Including flights of historic and religious buildings.

UAVO - drone operator

The operation of commercial flights is subject to a number of regulations. I always have safety in mind - both for the surroundings and for the pilot.

I always check local conditions (no fly zones) and the weather before departure. The final decision to leave is made by the drone pilot.

How we plan drone operations:

1. assumptions

Determining the location and the possibility of flying. Estimating the number of hours / flights.


Making a list of shots, determining the number of flights and the total time in the air. We plan operations during the day.

3. Formalities

Applying for possible permits and reporting flights to relevant services. Flights according to standard scenarios (NSTS).

4. Flights

Performing flights in accordance with assumptions under appropriate weather conditions.

Estimated price list of the operation:

The table presents an example of the price list of drone services. Includes costs of photography, filming and flight preparation. It does not include any travel costs (Warsaw - free). Feel free to contact me - individual pricing costs you nothing and allows you to optimally choose an offer and develop an operation plan. I value each operation individually.


Drone: Mavic Air 2

from €90/ for 1 flight
1 flight up to 20 min.
up to 20 photos or 20 min video
raw material
postproduction: from €45
additional flights


Drone: Mavic Air 2

from €350/ for the whole day
full day on the set (up to 8 hours)
up to 8 flights of 20 min.
flexible number of flights
flexible photo / movie division
flexible number of photos
flexible filming time
raw material
grive included in the Masovian
postproduction from €150

Professional equipment

I have a DJI MAvic Air 2 drone with an enlarged battery set that allows me to plan flights with a longer duration or more departures. For this I always have filter kits and all the necessary equipment with me. Obligatory reflective vest, third party liability insurance, qualification certificate (now, after the entry into force of new EU regulations: the number of the registered operator and drone pilot). Each departure is reported in the Drone Radar application and, if necessary, agreed with the relevant services (eg cross-border flights - with the appropriate Border Guard).
I take photos in DNG and JPG. The first format gives us wider possibilities of post-production processing.
The drone films in 4K quality - up to 60 fps or FHD - up to 240 fps.

Get in touch with me

I will be happy to answer your questions and to clear up any doubts. Unless I have a meeting or work outdoors, I will reply immediately.
Give me a call: +48 600 446 042 (also WhatsApp)

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